Walking Tours, Picnics and Breathtaking Strolls

Monte dos Cordeiros situated in Alentejo is a beautiful Portuguese region where tranquility and greatness come together so Trekking here may well be one of the best memories to take home after visiting Portugal. It’s perfect for those who love to walk in contact with nature because of the vastness of the landscape that withstand time where the plains extend as far as the eye can see.

Monte dos Cordeiros has three trails for running, walking or riding a mountain bike through the undulating fields covered by flowers, oak and olive trees. Each trail has a different theme and a right sided landmark every 50 meters, offering visitors a completely unique experience, different and new according to the time of the year that it takes place. All routes begin and end at Monte dos Cordeiros and can be walked in both directions, totally autonomously and safely, preferably between the months of September to June.

you can also request at Monte dos Cordeiros a picnic basket with selected products, prepared especially for you you can book also some extra services like cameras; motorcycles; pick ups; binoculars; boat and fishing articles by request.

The Bridge Trail / The Ribeira de Mures Trail

This trail is 1100 meters long (0,7 miles) starts at Monde dos Cordeiros and ends at a medieval bridge used for years as the best way to cross Ribeira de Mures, a small stream.


The Alcaforada Dam Trail / The Dam Trail

This trail is 1700 meters long (1,06 miles), marked and shaped by Red Plum Trees (Prunus pissardi), starts at Monde dos Cordeiros and ends in a perfect place with an astonishing panoramic view over the Alcaforada Dam. This dam is ideal for Kayaking, Canoeing or Rowing


The Machorros Trail

This trail is 800 meters long (0,5 miles) and it’s marked by Acer Campestre (Acer campestre L.) trees that shape both route and Monte dos Cordeiros road.


The trails circuit

This circuit connects the three previous trails where visitors can enjoy the biodiversity of life in all its forms