The Machorros Trail

This trail is 800 meters long (0,5 miles) and is marked by Acer Campestre (Acer campestre L.) trees that shape both route and Monte dos Cordeiros road.

The Machorros, round stone constructions all over the property, were built more than 60 years ago to allow the reproduction of foxes(Vulpes vulpes). They were designed and built by the previous Monte dos Cordeiros owner who practice fox hunting with the help of short-haired Fox Terrierdogs. The Machorros interior have “a pot”, a completely dark and wide area, with a shaped U entrance and exit, covered with shale slabs, to allow easy access in case of need for recovery of dogs or trapped animals. They have a south orientation entrance and exit, and a tree to provide protection and shadowing during the hunting practice. These are stone rare structures in the Alentejo, known only in two or three rural properties.

Most of the Machorros were destroyed over time and their stones used for building.