Monte dos Cordeiros Project

Designation of the project | Creation of a multifaceted tourist offer based on an innovative and qualified tourist unit implementation in the category of Agrotourism, in a low density territory, as an alternative to sun and sand tourism

Project code |ALT20-01-0853-FEDER-022595

Main goal |Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Intervention Region |Vila Viçosa – Évora

Beneficiary Entity | Monte dos Cordeiros – Turismo e Desenvolvimento Rural, Lda.

Approval date |2018-01-18

Start Date |2016-09-18

End Date |2018-03-18

Eligible total costl |532.387,72€

European Union Financial support |399.290,79€

Objectives, activities and expected results

  • The main goal was the creation of an Agroturism, a multifaceted tourist offer based on an innovative and qualified tourist unit to promote Alentejo’s culture.
  • To promote Active Tourism, focusing on the design of a set of distinctive experiences that promote rurality and enhance the tourist values of the region in order to attract tourists to our country and to Central Alentejo, in particular.
  • To boost the income from the Monte dos Cordeiros exploitation, taking advantage of the natural features, the existing infrastructures, the location, maintaining the current agricultural core, adapting it and complementing it with a strong tourist component;
  • Making Monte dos Cordeiros a sustainable project, maximizing its enormous potential by assuming itself as a proactive hotel product making it a benchmark, a national reference, particularly in the active tourism segment;
  • Maintaining a proactive stance in identifying opportunities for the study and development of new and innovative experiences within the context defined concept;
  • Betting on a Strategy of Globalization as the main “engine” of economic development expansion and growth, particularly in France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Brazil;
  • Recovering a traditional “Monte Alentejano” a homesteadin Alentejo , respecting the original traces, creating an agrotourism unit in an estate with an area of 260 ha, which belongs to the Sociedade Agrícola dos Cordeiros, with a housing capacity of 3 suites and 3 double rooms;
  • Developing and maintaining tourist animation activities and programs that will constitute the main reason for the tourist’s choice, creating unique, differentiating and unforgettable experiences
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with regional partners to jointly promote activities
  • Create a working team with four full-time elements.
  • Cross-selling bet in promotional communication strategies outbound and inbound to earn more revenue from existing customers and predefined target-market ;
  • To achieve a volume of revenues in the order of 718.4 thousand euros in the post-project ( 42,5% of the value comes from foreign inputs);
  • Achieve a GVA of 450.5 thousand euros in the post-project year;
  • Create a working team with four full-time elements